• Job Opportunities

    A place to start fresh! A company that cares about its own and the clients we serve! A company that provides the tools for you to succeed and grow as a professional!

    Working at First Family Insurance will be a life changing event for you. The training, support, leads and technology we provide was built and designed by agents for agents! Over the years, we have built amazing relationships with the largest vendors in the industry. What this means for you is that you will receive the most competitive commissions in the business. At Our Community Coverage, we believe in one thing…….. Where Your Family Comes First!

  • Agency

    We provide the ultimate in agent technology with our AgencyIntel System. We also provide you with unlimited leads to drive your own destiny. These are just some of the things that make a good agent into a great agent! Contact us today to start or revive your career with First Family Insurance. You have nothing to lose except the opportunity of a lifetime if you don’t!

    • Unlimited Leads

      We provide all of our agents with the same chances to succeed with unlimited leads at their fingertips. This is the true lifeblood for any agent!

    • Training & Support

      Having guidance and support is a must have for any agent. At First Family Insurance you will be with the best in the industry!

    • Phone System

      Coupled with our lead system, our phone system gives you a edge on the competition day in and day out. More calls always equals better production.

    • Unrivaled Commissions

      Because of our size and stature in the insurance business, we can offer some of the most competitive commissions out there today!

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